11 Sail Extravaganza!

Who gives away 11 sails, 330 pounds worth, that are not only in serviceable condition but many of which are practically brand new? A very generous person, that’s who.

So, we were on the receiving end of Stephen Harriau’s generosity and received 11 SAILS from UPS the other day. MAN, ARE WE STOKED! The sails look great and put us that much closer to having everything we need to finish SV Rad Mode!

Here’s a breakdown of what he sent us by weight.

Item# Description Weight
1 Main 48
2 Drifter 18
3 Storm Jib 9
4 Genny (size?) 38
5 Jib 22
6 Main 48
7 Jib 25
8 Genny (150%) 34
9 Main 40
10 Storm tri sail 20
11 Storm tri sail 28
Total 330 lbs

Here’s some photos and I took some video as well that will probably end up in Episode 6 of our Swiss Family Probst Chronicles!

Kristina stuffing one in a sail bag.
This one seemed barely used.
One of the Yankees.
Finding them a place.
What 330 pounds of sails looks like!
It was like Christmas morning when you are 5.

So cheers to Stephen for what is the most awesome gift we’ve every received! We’ll be toasting to you tonight and thank you SO MUCH for the sails! Look for a shout out from us at the end of Episode 3 when it comes out!

OK, back to work on our cap rail…




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