The Definition of Wicked Busy

I love posting on our blog and working on videos for our Youtube page. I love the creative outlet that the two things have become for me. I love our kick-ass life and adventures even more though and sometimes, I’m going to disappear from the world wide web thanks to the crazy things that tend to keep me pretty damned busy.

I haven’t posted in a while due to an AWESOME 7 day trip to our property followed by another trip to Reno for some Family Court mediation action that turned out good for us, good for the other party, and very much in the best interest of the kids. After that, we got all 6 kids for Easter and rocked it. Needless to say, I’m a little worn out but things went nicely. I scored more video than I know what to do with and the daunting task of assembling it into future episode videos stands before me. I am literally standing in the shadow of 1 terabyte of external hard drive completely filled with footage for future episodes.

Oh, that reminds me…Episode 2 is complete! It’s probably going to take me two days to upload it thanks to the completely crappy internet we have on the island. The good news is that it’s finished, you’ll get to see it soon, it’s off of my plate, and I get to focus on something fresh….EPISODE 3! If you missed Episode 1, you can see it here.

Anyways, thanks to all of you for being patient. I hope you can find some entertainment in what we do and until next time, tear it up!



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