New Halyards From

48 pounds of new halyards arrived yesterday and man, are we stoked to get these damn things on the boat. First things first…must paint and assemble the mast and there is A LOT that needs to happen before we have everything we need to put it together.

So the halyards were ordered from Bud over at Bud’s website is one of the many things I love about being a Westsail 32 owner. He managed Westsail, Corp. for a few years during the construction of these boats and not only knows them inside and out but has constructed a business around helping people like myself refit and upgrade these boats. He makes it very easy and it’s been a pleasure doing business with him so far and I will be reviewing ALL of his products in both this blog and our YouTube page.

We’ve received several other products from him and the quality seems very good. This particular shipment are all of the halyard for the boat, 1200′ worth, all made to order by Pelican Rope. They are all labeled and he made it easy to add some shackles that are also well made.

Now to get the mast ready to go up…


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  1. Awesome! Did you get different colored halyards for each component? I.e. Blue Mainsail, white jib, red spinnaker etc.?


    1. probst629 says:

      Naw, gonna have to figure that out later. Maybe use some colored tape. It just wasn’t in the budget.


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