Curling Up with a Good Book

One thing I really enjoy is curling up with a good book to read. Well, the book isn’t always the greatest, but I love the feeling. When a novel takes you deep into its story and has you so intrigued that you forget about everything else that is going on around you. It is just you and the book. It’s my me time.

I have found that I don’t care what the book is about any more. The University has made sure of curbing that for me. So now I just rely on my joy of reading.

Lately for some reason I have been getting up in the morning a lot earlier than usual. I am more of a night person so this is definitely not the norm for me. I have found that I rather enjoy the morning time. When I get up in the morning I tip toe out to the galley to make my first cup of coffee and watch the sunrise. It is so quiet and peaceful as everyone else is still sleeping. At this point I grab my book and dive into the story with my nice steaming hot cup of coffee.

As the sun continues to rise higher in the sky it is a feeling of nostalgia. I know soon others will start to wake and my peaceful morning will soon come to an end. It’s ok though because I know that tomorrow morning it will just be me, my lousy book, and a wonderful cup of coffee.



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  1. 4theriders says:

    All of that sounds amazing except for the whole getting up early part. 😉

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