It is Peculiar How to Dry Clothes on a Sailboat

Just wanted to brag about our clothes dryer on the boat, aka our jib tracks. Apparently they were installed on the boat at one point, but the new owner decided to take them off and hang them inside the boat. Not practical, I know, but in the mean time until the weather clears up and we are able to reinstall them back on the boat we have decided to use them as our handy dandy clothes line/ light hanger. I have to say it is working out pretty good so far since we don’t have life lines or stanchion posts for that matter to hang our clothes on as modern sailors seem to do. Plus all the rain lately really puts a damper on our drying time out doors.

I have to say I am very satisfied with the indoor clothes dryer that our boat came equipped with, for now. In the future I envision blue waters, white sandy beaches, jib tracks outside, and clothes flapping in the breeze from I don’t really care what. Awe the days of paradise.



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