Wooden Cleats For Sale – Straight Up CUSTOM

We just removed these from Westsail 32 SV Rad Mode, hull #664, and figured we should try to find them a nice home somewhere else.

These are two very custom doug fir cleats. Made circa 1976 and as you can tell from the pictures, these are totally custom and were very well made. Don’t let the old sikkaflex worry you. That crap will scrape right off. These are classic wooden cleats and they just don’t make them like this anymore.



To make this a super bargain, we’ll even throw in the bolts with the cleats since we can’t remove them without possible destruction of the cleat. We’ll throw in the washers and nuts for an additional $10.00, a small price to pay for antique stainless hardware.



The second cleat comes with an extra value. Vegetative growth. Many of these small sprouts were destroyed during removal but with a quick purchase, I’ll soak the cleat in water overnight before shipping and this growth should make it during it’s overnight airfreight.


Don’t let an awesome opportunity like this pass you buy. This is probably a once in a lifetime chance to own custom, 40 year old, wooden cleats off of a Westsail 32. All serious offers will be considered.



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