Took Us 1 Month To Break Our GOPRO…

One of the reasons I like to do reviews on solid products is because we break so many things. We are just hard on our stuff. We work hard, play hard, and break our things hard.

We bought this GOPRO Hero 2 weeks ago and a few nights back, I dipped it in the water while trying to rescue a friends cat from under the dock at the marina. I was wearing it on what I call “The Skull Crusher”, one of the head mounts with all of the straps, and while trying to look inside of the dock to make sure the cat was in there, I dipped it in the water. Luckly, I was still able to retrieve the footage from the SD Card.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the waterproof case on it since that very badly muffles any audio. It continued to record for the next few minutes but then shorted out and stopped working. It’s days later and I see no hope for it to recover on it’s own so it’s being sent to Square Trade to be repaired under the “spills” portion of our 2-year warranty. This is after thoroughly drying it out and reformatting the SD Card.

I’ve got a lot of footage from previous days that I’m going to continue cutting but it might be a while before anything new gets posted as far as videos go.



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