Rainy Days :(

When will they end? It seems like the bleak drizzling weather is relentless. It halts all progress of work and just makes things not that fun. It is tiresome to be trapped in a boat with so many people with no means of escape. Not to mention that it is cold, cramped, and WET! Ugh the wetness will never stop.

The rate the weather has been I am starting to doubt our deadline for getting Rad Mode sailing. We are shooting for Rad Mode to set off on her first sail ever in May.

Of course there is so much planning that needs to be done to get Rad Mode able to sail, but really there is only so much planning you can do before you need to get out and do it.

Oh how I long for the warm sunny summer days where we can work work work. I guess I am a little to work oriented because I am going stir crazy!



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