Tips and Tricks for One-Skillet Cooking (VIDEO)

I am not a pro at making a whole meal in just one skillet yet, but I have been working on it a lot. I have found that a large frying pan with high sides and a pressure cooker are my top two cookware items for making this happen. One of the reasons I suggest a large skillet with high sides is so you are able to move food around and keep it separated, if desired. Plus it also allows you to shift the skillet on the burner so part of it gets more direct heat than the other. I find this very helpful when cooking Chorizo and eggs.

The need for one-skillet cooking really became apparent to us when we found ourselves without a kitchen. We opted out of the house with the large kitchen in the big city instead for a life of adventure!

One of our big adventures is cooking. Most of the time it is for 4 people, but the rest of the time, especially the summer, we are cooking for 8 or more. For the past few years we have been making most of our meals either by campfire or camp stove. We had a two burner Coleman camp stove, but recently it has decided it doesn’t want to work any more so we are now primarily relying on our Coleman single burner, which is ok. It is not the best stove in the world, but it gets the job done.

Now we are literally down to one burner, which has really amped up my quest to become a pro at one-skillet cooking. It is impossible to make a meal using 4 pots or pans, which I use to do in the city. Since it is not possible we got rid of our culinary set and only kept the bare essentials.

Cookware List:

1 Large Skillet with lid

1 Pressure cooker

1 Serving spoon

1 Spatula

Yep that’s right. That is all we have because that is all we need. One of the benefits is all our cookware stacks within itself so it really cuts down on space. The other big benefit is the less pots and pans you use per meal cuts down on fuel cost and dish washing. Right now our general fuel is propane, but that will be changing on Rade Mode within the next few months. I think we will keep propane as our primary at our cabin.

I have found a couple of tricks for one-skillet cooking to make it simpler and easier, and still turn out some pretty awesome meals. I like to think I am getting better at it because the compliments from Hubby and the kids are on the rise.



ne of the big tricks is preparation and planning. Obviously that goes to say with cooking in general, but it gets a little tricky when cooking meat, vegetables, and rice all in one skillet without it turning out as one big fatty mess. Also everything has a different cook time so you have to plan accordingly when you are going to add what ingredients and when to the skillet.

The other big trick I have learned is to have a holding pot. Like I said I am not a pro yet, but depending on the meal I will cook part of it and set it aside in the stockpot to be added all together at the end. Some might consider this to be two skillet cooking, but I disagree. One meal I do this a lot with is when we make fish tacos. I will cook the refried beans from scratch and then put them in the stock pot to keep warm while I fry up the fish.

We picked up this handy book at a a used book store and it has
A LOT of easy recipes in it. I am not a huge fan of recipes because I have a hard time following them, but they are awesome for ideas.


The funny thing is that even when we go visit family and I have a whole kitchen at my disposal I still only cook with one-skillet. Maybe it is because I have become so use to it… or maybe it is because the food turns out so much better.




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