New Marine Hardware/Progress for SV Rad Mode!

Boy are we excited! We just received an order we placed with Toplicht in Germany and it looks like quality!


On Brion Toss’ recommendation (one of the most well-known riggers in the US), we purchased galvanized cable for our standing rigging that we intend to worm, parcel, and serve. We also put in an order for some brand new hawse pipes with 10.5″ cleats on them since the Rad Mode never had any put in. They look beautiful!


We are also really starting to get the hang of this Signature Finish. It’s very forgiving and ooks like 12 coats of high quality varnish when finished (after only 3 coats of Honey Teak and 2 coats of Clear)! If that’s not impressive enough, we applied it in 40 degree weather and it all got rained on while it was still wet and or tacky and it didn’t make one damn bit of difference! VERY IMPRESSED! We’ll be doing a video review on this product later so keep your eyes peeled for it.

A sampson post for SV Rad Mode, a Westsail 32.


We’ll continue to post as progress continues. Also, we’ll be releasing our first episode video in a few months!




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