Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator Review (VIDEO)

The Yeti 150 has recently become one of the most awesome pieces of gear we have when it comes to adding comfort and convenience to our off-the-grid adventures. They aren’t cheap but when it comes to utility, durability, and usability, the Yeti 150 has performed far above our expectations.

About 6 months ago, a good friend of ours and a professional photographer with lots of mobile power concerns, turned us on to USB milliamp batteries. After lots of research, we decided that the Yeti 150 would perfectly suit our needs and purchased it along with the Boulder 30 Solar Panel. Saying it was an excellent purchase and product wouldn’t give it the proper credit.

It’s completely silent, fume-free, and using it is so easy due to it’s intuitive design. We use it every single day on our sailboat, the V Rad Mode, to reduce our power usage in the slip and at this point, its more than paid for itself by reducing our electric bill. It goes with us on road trips and provides light in our tent, during set-up and breakdown of camp, and kept our two laptops, tablet, and mobile WiFi spot charged.

We’ve found that if we keep most of our electronic devices charging during the day when the solar panel is charging the Yeti, we can use the Yeti for plenty of LED lights at night and it’s never run down completely and usually ends the night with a 60% or greater charge remaining. Whenever we throw it back in the Subaru, we just plug in the DC charger and a couple of devices and let the Yeti and the devices charge on the drive.

If you are someone that is highly mobile by vehicle or boat and has modest power needs (a laptop or two, some USB devices, a camera, and some LEDs), we highly recommend the Yeti 150. It’s been an excellent addition to the Swiss Family Probst lifestyle. Please keep your eyes peeled for our soon-to-follow reviews of the Boulder 30 Solar Panel and the Light-A-Life LED, both from Goal Zero!




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