We Got a GoPro! (VIDEO)

Hubby and I have been wanting a GoPro for years now and we finally pulled the trigger! This year we pooled our gift cards together, thank you Mom, that we got for Christmas and decided to make an investment in a GoPro.

Of course just a GoPro wasn’t enough. We also bought a 32g memory card, a sports accessory package, and Sony Movie Studio that our friend Joe recommended to us. I think we are finally ready to make some movies! And what awesome movies they are going to be.

We plan to make tons and tons of videos of our boat, sailing, projects, and our property up in Oregon. Plus all the adventures along the way. It’s going to be so much fun!

If you can’t tell we are stoked! The GoPro is loooong over due. We really should have put it on our must have list when we bailed on the “Rat Race” 3 years ago to start this crazy adventure.

We have been mooching off of Youtube for years and being entertained by other people’s videos for years so now it is our turn to give back.

Please feel free to comment and leave feedback so we can continue to make our videos more awesome.



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