Sailrite Ultrafeed

I have had an old Singer that I bought 10-12 years ago that has been tried and true for me. Well now my life has taken a different turn and the old girl just can’t keep up with canvas. Anyone who has ever worked with canvas knows what I am talking about. After long debate Hubby and I narrowed it down to buying the Sailrite Ultrafeed. We tried shopping around on Craigslist and so forth for a used one, but to no avail. In our opinion it must be one heck of a machine if no one is willing to part with one. So the decision was made. New Sailrite Ultrafeed on the way!

Sometimes I am a bit of a skeptic/perfectionist when it comes to sewing. Once our new machine came in the mail I put it through the test. Well my test that is. Needless to say the new machine sewed through 10 layers of canvas like a champ! The only problem I encountered is when I tried to sew through more layers of fabric than the manufacturer recommended.


Hubby and my first big project for the Ultrafeed was making custom fit cushions for our Westsail 32 unfinished kit boat. It has been a real experience making our own patterns and working with Sunbrella material that stretches more than I had originally anticipated. I love the fabric though with its water repellent tendencies, which makes clean up super easy! Plus it is super durable and family/pet friendly.

Since the cushions were a success and apparently a sewing machine like the Ultrafeed is advertisement in itself we have since taken on a few canvas jobs. We made a bbq cover, some repair work, sail bags, and a couple of boat covers. The more I use the Ultrafeed the more I love it. It is a simplistic machine, but highly capable.


When running the machine it kind of sounds like driving a tack hammer. It is a little loud. Also the other thing that took a bit to get use to is the foot control. It seems to be getting slightly better, but really the  machine is all or none. From what I have gathered the monster balancing wheel upgrade should help the speed control. Hopefully we will be able to afford the upgrade soon with sail repairs in our near future.

We bought the Ultrafeed directly from Sailrite and glad that we did. They are super friendly and great customer service. Also they have so many “How To” videos online, which are extremely helpful.

Overall we are super happy with our new Sailrite Ultrafeed.



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