What Now???

I am at a loss…  We have been working and planning so hard for so long how can it stop now??? Our plans have come to a crashing halt as of yesterday and now we sit here wondering and praying what to do now. What direction are we to take now?

Long story short, last winter our boat almost sunk. We were up in Oregon helping a friend finish his cabin before the bad winter hits when we get a call that our Cheoy Lee had two feet of water in it. Our good friends at the marina spent hours saving our boat and assured us she would not be at the bottom of the Delta when we came down.

Needless to say last winter we went down to our boat and made fixing her our top priority. We ended up spending a very wet winter on the Cheoy Lee in the Delta. We never ended up leaving for our winter travels.

Now this year we decided we were going to take off for the winter to do missionary work in Mexico. We prayed for guidance on planning this trip. After much preparation and planning for this trip we finally felt our trip had the “green light”.

We have planned our drive route to our destination with help of our close friend who has been doing it for the past eight years, have received most of the travel shots, planned the clinic to get the last of the shots, have all of our passports, bought a used car in great condition with great gas mileage, and bought a bunch of gear for our trip without a hitch. The kids are so excited, they have been praying for our trip to Mexico every night, and have been eagerly pursuing to learn Spanish. This past weekend we traveled up to Reno, NV to have fun with friends and family before we leave, and to try out our set up. Turns out we can pack all of our supplies that we need to be gone for 5 months in the back of a Subaru Forester! The trip was great and highly successful.

Yesterday morning hubby and I were talking about how great the weekend went with our traveling gear as we finished packing up the last of camp. Is there anything we brought that we didn’t need? No. Is there anything we forgot that we need? No. Well, I did forget my pillow, but I improvised J Awesome! We are all set to go and could leave tomorrow if we wanted to. Our plan was to go back and make a little extra cash to go with us. We even had that all planned out on how to do it and quickly.

Yesterday as we got in the car to head back to Reno we get a text that someone has $100 for us as soon as we get back to the marina. God is good! I sat in the car as hubby was driving and emailed my school, Regent University, to set up an appointment with a Life Coach to go over my career plans. One of the questions they asked pre-appointment is “What is your ‘Biggest Dream’ for your career when you graduate?” Good question. My biggest dream is to be a traveling missionary.

I tried to send the email to my school, but the web page kept crashing. I had full internet and other websites worked fine, but that one particular one kept crashing. Ok the webpage must be down. I pull up the webpage again to double check and it pulls up no problem, but all my information is gone. I have to refill out the form again, which is a little irritating, but no problem.

Then the check engine light comes on. Hubby pulls over and checks the oil. There is none on the dipstick, weird because hubby just checked the oil when we were Reno and it was good. Luckily we always carry extra motor oil with us. We top it off and hit the road.

Then it goes all bad. The check engine light starts blinking, we lose power, and the car starts idling really rough. Not good. We head to the nearest O’Riley’s and buy a Bosch code tester. The car instantly failed codes for the 3rd and 4th cylinder. We then went right down the street to a mechanic for a compression test. The car read that there was no compression in the 4th cylinder and low in the third one, but the other two were fine. The mechanic informed us it is most likely the piston rings and we are better off buying a new rebuilt engine. In the meantime however, we can drive the car home without causing real serious damage. Luckily we were only an hour from the marina.

A new engine for our car that just passed smog the day before? A new engine for our car that just had a rebuilt engine put in it 4 years ago, that only has about 45,000 miles on it? A new engine for our car that has only 168,000 miles on it? How can this be?

A new engine changes everything. We can’t afford to buy a new engine and still go on our trip. We do have another vehicle that we could take on our trip, but now I wonder if we maybe missing a message or are we to forge ahead? I don’t believe in coincidences therefore, it leaves me with two last questions…

Is God trying to direct us or is Satan trying to stop us?



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