Over the past few months I have had two “revelations” if we shall call it that. The two things I have realized go hand in hand and I have contemplated over them a lot throughout the last few courses I have taken. First off is that everyone has a presupposition. We cannot deny it because we all have a past, a culture, and an upbringing. What I have realized is that it is easier said than done to set that presupposition aside. I have noticed, especially in last week’s discussion at the University I am attending, that even though we may try to set aside our presuppositions, as instructed, it is not all that easy to do in reality. The second revelation is that when reading scholarly articles and reviewing the Theories of the Resurrection is that scholars have done a lot of research and usually have good backing for their findings. However, I keep in mind that not all scholars are believers and I can see how they came to their conclusion, but their conclusions always seem to have a flaw. It makes me wonder if it is their presuppositions that are holding them back from believing in God. It makes it interesting reading an article from a liberal scholar, and their findings are usually very logical, but how can they miss the very logic of creation or the unseen hand at play such as “coincidence”, or whatever the topic might be at the time? I find myself wandering down their thought process and understanding how they came to their conclusions, but right before they have me convinced what they say is true I find myself putting the “brakes on” and discovering what I find to be the most obvious flaw or flaws in their theory. It makes me wonder that if they could set aside all of their presuppositions about religion, society, and everything in between would they still come to the same conclusions? My guess would be probably not because that is the quiet moment when nothing gets in the way and God speaks directly to your heart.



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