How can you afford it? But most of all how do you do it?!?!

We get asked all the time: “How can you afford it?”, “Are you rich?”, or my personal favorite “Shouldn’t you be leaving for work?” Haha! I like to say I retired a few years ago at the grand old age of 29, but in reality I traded the crazy hectic rat race life for a much more laid back family oriented fun life that we work for ourselves. And hubby did the same! We live an amazing life that just keeps getting better. So where does the money come from? When you don’t need much money it is not hard to pick up an “odd job” every now and then to help with some expenses that we can’t barter out.  In truth we turn down more jobs than we take. The part that makes it more interesting is having kids. Needles to say we don’t like to take a job that the kids can’t come because to us a babysitter defeats the purpose.  In a nut shell we live super cheap, buy low and sell high,  make small investments here and there, barter instead of spend money, and last resort take that “odd job”. Also we don’t believe in car payments, mortgages, or credit cards so if we need one of those three things to get something then we really don’t need it. For us it is completely “doable” and we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.



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