First Step… Planning

After talking to a couple on the island that we have become pretty good friends it got me thinking. They have a sewing business and are awesome at it. One comment he made to us was that when people find out you sew you will get hit up with a lot of projects and make pretty good money. Awesome advice so when we do need to make a few extra dollars we can. However, they have had plans before to leave a marina in 5 days and then 6 weeks later they are still there working….

Well, I tend to disagree. We have turned down job offers because we have “a plan” and taking that job would interfere with our plan. I think one of the big important things is to have an idea “a general plan” and take it from there. I’m actually pretty persistent and believe in vocalizing the plan because I believe that is part of how plans get accomplished. I don’t believe in being to strict and precise on making the plans because it becomes suffocating. To much pressure to make the plan happen and that is when people tend to start making excuses for the failure of their plan. I believe the overall “GRANDE” plan should be so big that if God was not involved it would be impossible.

Sooo…. here is my plan. I plan to be down south this winter. I plan not to be at this marina this winter. I plan to be sailing a boat or driving our trusty old Suburban to make this plan happen. I plan to be saying audios the end of this fall and not come back until spring if we decide to come back at all.

My, Our, overall “GRANDE” plan is to fix up our Westsail 32 and sail down to South America stopping a long the way to mission God’s Word. Our plan is to buy a piece of property in Chile and church plant. On that piece of property we would like to have the church and a vineyard to help fund the church and our mission trips.

Most important is I believe in this plan. I have faith it will happen, God willing.



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