Good Things Come to Those Who Wait


My wife and I try to be very frugal with the way we live our lives. We’ve gotten to a point where we have reduced our monthly bills a staggeringly all time low for us. We used to work our butts off to pay for our lifestyle and now, by taking advantage of the wastefulness that occurs in America, we’ve been able to greatly reduce our expenses and instead of trading our time for money, we have almost all of the time in the world to spend together.

We shop at Goodwill and never buy anything new unless we need to. Why spend $10-$15 dollars for a new T-shirt when I can buy one for two or three bucks at Goodwill? Even better, people sometimes give me free clothes. Sometimes new clothes even. We shop at estate sales for tools and more expensive items. We LOVE to spend time looking around a good thrift store. Garage sales are another great place to find awesome deals. If you can wait and don’t need something right now, then you have plenty of time to shop around and find the best deal.

Case in point…we needed a backup GPS for our sailboats. We have one built into a tablet that actually works quite well but 20150522_221633still wanted a backup. We started looking online on Ebay, Amazon, kind of searching around to see what they were going for. We found the models we liked the most but just couldn’t pull the trigger on spending the $90 (refurbished on Ebay) to get one so instead, we decided to sit on it for a while. Lo and behold, a couple of weeks later, a neighbor of ours needed some cash, decided he was done sailing, and sold us a BRAND NEW in the box Garmin 72H for $20! This was one of the models we were looking at and we totally scored it for next to nothing.

This kind of thing happens to us all of the time and usually right after we pray about it. God has an interesting way of motivating us to travel in a certain direction and with us, it’s very clear when it happens. I’ll never go back to my old way of doing things, working to wear new clothes, buy new things, and end up with way too much in the end. Ever since we’ve given up excess, life has been the very best!


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