If You Can’t Beat Em Join Em

Hi ho hi ho it’s off to work we go! Well, I missed my hubby so much that his last day of work we all decided to go to work with him on the bridge. The contractor said he was short on help so we showed up with all 6 kids ready to work Haha! The younger kids helped out as they could putting washers on lag bolts and running extension cords. When they were done with that they played all day on the barge. The contractor was so impressed with how hard of a worker Annabelle (our 6 year old) is that he gave her a blow up dingy with wooden oars and $10. She was stoked! One of the other workers told her that when she is his age she can tell people that she worked on this bridge. She just looked at him with a straight face and said, “I can tell people that now.” LOL she cracks me up.

Annika (our oldest) worked side by side with me all day running an impact wrench and putting lag bolts in place. I was surprised how long she lasted and impressed at how hard she worked. She out worked one of the other workers. Teenagers like a little cash in their pockets :).

The contractor is one of those really witty kind of people who always has something funny to say. After a couple hours of working the contractor came up and asked one of the other workers what was wrong because I was beating him. The worker said I wasn’t beating him, I was smoking him and he couldn’t keep up. It became the running joke on the bridge.

Later in the day the contractor challenged me to a double impact driver race. Haha! Never thought running to impact drivers would be so much as I raced the contractor down the last stretch of the day… By the way, I won 😉



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