Awesome Job Kids!

Today was a great day! The kids and I had a lot of fun repainting the dinghy and oars. We pulled the dinghy out of the water and carried it on the island for the cosmetic upgrade. Kids DinghyThen they had to scrub and wash the dingy getting it ready for 20150531_154833paint. Of course kids only help until it is not fun any more, but they painted a lot more than I had thought they would. They

Eowyn passed out
Eowyn passed out

did a great job! I am surprised how all of them paid so much attention to detail and followed instructions.

After we finished painting we enjoyed a nice treat of fresh blueberries as a reward for all the effort. Except one trouper

didn’t quite make it. I’m workin their little butts off. Well after the snack Annika, our soon to be 15 year old, came up with the great idea to draw on Eowyn’s face. Of course with mom’s approval. Not only did mom approve, but also gave all the munchkins sharpies. And off they went…

I guess when you are on the receiving end it is not so funny LOL!!! Eowyn laughs her butt off when she

Miss Grumpy
Miss Grumpy

is doing it to her four year old brother, but does not find it funny at all when all her five siblings gang up on her. She’s lucky she woke up quickly. They had a lot more planned Haha!

Because Eowyn was so upset and crying her three youngest siblings were good sports and got mustaches themselves. Earlier today when we were painting Eowyn was rambling on to Annika and I about mustaches, but was making no sense. So I, mom, called her out on it asking if she even knew what a mustache was. She said she did. Well in our family a saying of “talks cheap” gets thrown around a lot. Turns out she didn’t even know her dad has a mustache! Busted! Then she tried to cover it up by saying 20150531_155857she meant a “french mustache”. Yeah sure ok. Well after the demonstration of what a mustache is (she started laughing when I reminded her of earlier) I don’t think she will ever forget what a mustache is 🙂



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