Adventure Take 1

Well after spending months and months of working on the Slurricane hubby and I decided to take her out for an adventure with Annabelle and Darius. We put a new fiberglass deck on, re-fiberglassed the cabin top, painted the entire boat, fixed the

Way down in the cramped engine compartment at the back of the boat
Way down in the cramped engine compartment at the back of the boat

packing in the stuffing box, and the list goes on. The boat still needs some tender love and care, but we wanted to go PARTY!!! So we stocked our boat to head out for a week of adventure…

The morning we were to depart on this fabulous adventure the wind was well… not there. We waited until the afternoon and the wind picked up some so off we went. As typical Probst fashion we sailed out of our slip and headed down the slough. We are at a new marina, but we did it numerous times (as in 4) with no problems at the other marina we were at. Well, getting out with no problems is easy. Coming back is a whole other story. So off we went. Just as we rounded the peak of the marina island the wind started to pick up giving us some momentum, but not enough, and there we quickly went in the wrong direction! Good thing Slurricane is light and easy to push off of docks that get in our way… and the levee… and other boats. What a nerve racking experience when your boat is pushed into the rocky levee (luckily we did not hit) and into other boats. Lucky us our friend Doug was at the marina down the way that we were getting pushed into and assisted by holding a line I through out from the bow to keep us from further drifting to the levee that was merely 20ft away. I ran up and down the boat like a crazy person pushing us away from other boats breaking our sculling oar (which is what we now call the 9ft Oh Shit stick) in the process while hubby tried to get the engine started. Funny thing about engines is they run fine one day, but then when you get yourself in a pickle (it’s almost like they have psychic abilities and know) they won’t start. After numerous tries Wah Lah the engine fired up and off we went.

We sailed out into the Channel, which now the wind decided to grace us with its presence of 15 knot winds. What a blast!

Kids enjoying the big waves
Kids enjoying the big waves

We were bookin it! Mama made kids go in the V Berth in fear of them, mostly Darius, getting pitched off of the bow by the waves crashing over the bow. Since the boat is a work in progress we haven’t installed the toerails or the lifelines yet, you know just to add some extra excitement in our lives. We are flying down the channel to the spot we picked out on the charts to anchor out for the first night. We sail into the spot and it is perfect! Beautiful sunset, remote, peace and quite. Once the anchor was set (me accidentally throwing out two hundred feet of chain because I did not check to see if it was cleated off Haha) we decided to celebrate with a nice

We are here to party
We are here to party

bottle of chardonnay an old sailor friend gave us. We polish off the bottle and realize that the boat is listing to starboard side. It is jerking a little and I mention to hubby that I think we might be grounded. Not possible the charts said it is 12ft right here. We double check the charts, yep 12ft. So lets turn on the depth finder…

Is that a 2? It's a 2!!!
Is that a 2? It’s a 2!!!

That can’t be right. Blink a couple times… rub my eyes… have a shot of rum… and yep it’s still a 2! Yep we are officially stuck in the mud. I grab the tide book and check the tides again. Ok we are at the lowest of the low tide, not bad. High tide comes in no problem it will pull us out of the mud and set us free. On second thought we don’t need 200ft of chain out when we get pulled free or we will be way across in the tullies. Better pull some of that up to be on the safe side.

This is wife looking worried
This is wife looking worried

Not a problem, we planned to pull up anchor in the morning and move to a different spot that is actually 12ft or better yet maybe even 30ft. So for the night we will be grounded and

This is hubby looking worried... Nah just kidding. He just didn't like wife's cooking... Kidding again... We don't know.
This is hubby looking worried… Nah just kidding. He just didn’t like wife’s cooking… Kidding again… We don’t know.

when high tide comes in the morning we will be off. We got this.

We get up in the morning and we have broke free. Hot diggity! Didn’t exactly want to get up at 4 am! But some rude Bass boats kept flying by 50ft from our boat going 50mph. They had 400 yards of water way they could have gone through, but nope they wanted to give us a wake up call apparently. Not to mention we didn’t realize it was Memorial Weekend so that tripled the number of Bass boats going by. So since we were up we tried starting the engine to be on the safe side, just in case, but to no luck the engine would not start. We also realized that our alternator was not working and did not charge our batteries. Oh well, off we go. Not much wind, but with the jib and mizzen up we are on our way… barely. It was a bit shady getting around the turn out into the main channel because of some old pilings that are under water. Once out in the channel wind was hit or miss and that made it a bit nerve racking. Basically we were sitting ducks. After creeping up the channel we decide to anchor in a spot where a small motor boat was. They said it was 24ft and were having good luck. Hubby swings the boat around as wife preps the anchor. As soon as the boat is swung around hubby runs up to the bow to “help” wife. Wife takes it as hubby is trying to show her how it is done. So as hubby hops up on the bow to toss the anchor wife is trying to suppress laughter, to no avail, as the chain pops off the roller a few times as hubby repeatedly tries to untangle the chain after pitching the anchor off the side. It must have been quite the spectacle because the motor boat promptly pulled up anchor and bailed from us jokers. I have never seen someone pull up anchor and leave so fast in my life. I found this particularly funny after me (wife) throwing 200ft of chain off in 2ft of water.


We had a great time on the anchor for a couple of hours waiting for the tide to change. We dove off the bow and went

Big ship coming right at us. Yikes!
Big ship coming right at us. Yikes!

swimming, but the current was moving pretty dang fast so we wouldn’t let the kids in the water. We sun bathed and had yummy grown up drinks as we watched large ships go by. It is kinda freaky though when you see a big ship coming right at you. It makes you realize just how small your boat is.20150523_125838_Richtone(HDR)

Well the tide changed and the wind was good so it came to the point that we had to grab our “huevos” and go. More I had to grab mine because hubby was pretty sure we would make it. I on the other hand had my serious doubts and did not want a repeat of our departure. Although around here we are becoming known as the crazy Probst’s family because we frequently sail without an engine, even when it does run. So off we went, full sails up, to the slough that we had yet been able to sail up and everyone we have talked to says we can’t do it.

As we get closer to the slough sailing up the channel Annabelle keeps looking behind us and asks, “Mama why is that guy so close behind us and keep tacking a lot?”. I look back and tell her that apparently we are racing haha! Well now that I know we are racing I sail closer to the wind trying to gain more speed, competitive much. Needless to say the man was unable to catch us until I turned into the wind to drop the mainsail for our attempt up the slough.

Have to say I am not a big fan of bringing a boat into a dock. Anyone who really knows me knows why. Kind of ironic since we own 2 big boats. The ironic part is every time we bring in our 30′ Cheoy Lee I am the one at the tiller. I LOVE my hubby for always boosting my courage and helping me to over come my downfalls. Lucky me I was the one on the tiller 20150522_125225_Richtone(HDR)which flipped the trigger of my past. Low and behold with my hubbies help I suppressed those feelings and sailed way up into the slough (farther than we ever have, and farther than anyone has said we possibly could). I get a little anxious as we come into a dock asking my hubby about ten times if we are going to fast, is the current pushing us to far, are we gonna make it?!?! Hubby finds this quite comical as he stands on the bow giving me feedback, cool as a cat.

Like pros we glided into the slip as if we have been sailing for decades! Have to say I am proud of us for pulling it off. And proud of myself. When it comes to a crucial moment I can suck it up, shake the nerves, and pull it off. We learned a lot this past weekend and the only way to really learn to sail is to get out there and do it without a motor!



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