Electrical Nightmare!!!

Well to put it straight… it is a freaking nightmare!!! To own up to the matter we bought the Cheoy Lee 30′ without ever firing

Holy Schnikes!
Holy Schnikes!

up the motor. I know… I know… Not the best of ideas, but it was a killer deal even if the motor was nothing more than another anchor. Well now, needless to say, we have put hours and hours..;. and hours worth of time and hard work into

Where do these go? Where did they come from?
Where do these go? Where did they come from?

restoring the boat that we are now down to the point of, will it start??? Drum roll please…. NOPE! Ugh!!! It is so frustrating. Over two days now with several expert opinions the blasted thing will not start. It is even more frustrating that it started several weeks ago no problem when we put a new alternator in. Well it started no problem, but then after motoring for a while to make sure everything worked good the terminals on one of our marine batteries blew off. So problem not solved. We replaced the terminals and changed some of the wiring leading to the alternator.

We are really not big on the fact of having a motor, but since we have a potential buyer coming out tomorrow we figured we would fire the blasted thing up again. To no surprise, I don’t put much stock in anything electrical, it didn’t work. Well, now what???

It didn’t stop there. For more fun we started tracing wires trying to find the solution to the problem. It was like an Easter egg

What in the world?
What in the world?

hunt, but no wonderfully colored eggs filled with chocolate. Instead it is endless amounts of wires that do not connect to anything. Why in the world would someone just snip a wire and leave it hot? Perfect idea on an old wooden boat covered in highly flammable materials of varnish and paint. Talk about a fire hazard waiting to happen. Pretty sure it is just a couple, a lot of, shorts that we just have to trace down and rewire. Piece of cake…. At least I hope.

***UPDATE: Well it turned out the short was a broken insulator washer. Whooping 59 cent part. Go figure. The good news is we are off sailing again. Bon Voyage!



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