Kid Movie Night!!!

It is getting late, mommy and daddy are tired, and peace & quite seems like the paradise we have dreaming about. Sometimes it has just been one of those weeks. The answer… Kid Movie Night!  The kids are ecstatic and completely enthralled because they RARELY get a movie night.  I have NEVER been a fan of television and hate when parents use it as a babysitter for their children.  Public television is a disillusion for children full of false information and bad habits.  Back in Reno, Nevada when we actually had a television it was more of a dust collecting lawn ornament then anything else.  I was so tired of some of the kids asking me to turn the television on for them followed by the continuous answer of NO that my hubby and I decided we would just sell the thing… and we did.  We still don’t own a television to this day.  Buying one in the future is now in debate just for my school purposes to have a bigger screen for my school work.  Anyways in the mean time the rare occasion we let the kids have a movie night it is on my school laptop with a 14 inch screen Haha! And they are thrilled!! I find it amusing that a “four year old” doesn’t have a high attention span, but put a movie in front of them after not having a movie for a long time and they all of a sudden have the attention span of a saint. Ironic.


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