Darius making it happen

We were delayed today.  This morning I had quite a bit of school studies I had to complete.  During that I received an email notifying me that if I did not turn in two specific documents I would me kicked out of my current classes.  I am not a big fan of some government programs.  Due to this notification we had to make an unexpected trip into town to print out some once a year documents and such to have scanned and emailed over to my current university.  Once we got back to the marina we were hit up by a friend to help him move a trailer.  No problem! Glad to help.  We helped our friend move one of his boats to a near by town.

Needless to say we are use to our children fishing all day.  We decided to hop in our dinghy and head out for the kids to

Darius the man!!!
Darius the man!!!

fish.  We spent a while letting them fish, but all Annabelle caught was a fish that we like to call “a throw back”.  Discouraged by the fact that their would be no protein for dinner we decided to head back.  Just as we started heading back Darius caught the monster of all fishes!  At least for his age.  It took a good bit for him to reel it in and he was so excited when he did.  He shot both fists up in the air declaring, “I caught the big one!”.  Man I wish I had a photo of that.  Our dinghy is a little shady to trust bringing our camera on-board. Happy to say that Darius made it happen! He caught a fish to feed the whole family tonight.  Cheers to all the proud parents 🙂



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