The Little Things in Life

I am so excited! Our new tortilla press and tortilla warmer came in the mail today from Amazon.  The tortilla press is light weight aluminum and compact to make 6 inch tortillas. Perfect for the boat. I would prefer a good ole cast iron one, but that wouldn’t last a week on the water.  It is still a huge improvement from mashing them with a plate on a table. The tortilla warmer, well that just makes my life easier.  On a sailboat everything must be weighed out very heavily because it is literally the weight that counts, along with the space.  Needless to say the tortilla press and the warmer made the cut.  Justin and I prefer to make our own tortillas because they are healthier, cheaper, you can find masa just about anywhere, and it is conducive to store on the boat with a long shelf life.  I am very excited to try both of them out!



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