Home school is not as scary as it sounds

Darius Cooking Dinner

At first we bought a curriculum from My Father’s World online to home school Annabelle and Darius.  Annabelle was five at the time and starting kindergarten and Darius was barely four.  It is a wonderful system of education if you like to follow instructions.  Well, since our lifestyle is a little out of the norm and our kids blew through a years curriculum in less than six

Annabelle after Daddy's fishing lessons
Annabelle after Daddy’s fishing lessons

months we decided to use part of their method and part of our own method.  We tried the traditional method and honestly it is pretty boring.  Not only for us, but the kids were not having all that much fun either.  They love learning, but the way we were going about it just took all the fun out of it.  They are so active and full of adventure we knew we needed to make a change. So we decided to make a few changes.  Haha who am I kidding we made a lot of changes.

Annabelle loves the Singapore math worksheets and Darius loves the word pronunciation activities so we decided to keep those.  In addition to that we got to thinking and realized the kids need book smarts as well as real life experience training.

Annabelle as Captain

In addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic they also get bible study, fishing lessons, knot tying classes, hunting lessons, home ec classes, music classes, sailing lessons, swimming lessons, first aid lessons, mechanic classes, health and fitness classes; just to name a few.  We also try to instill reason and logic with no drama.  Our goal is to have well educated and well rounded children to become super hero adults and conquer the world 😉

It is funny because when people first meet our little munchkins they judge them by their age, but then come to find out they are far more capable then one would expect.  Our buddy Rob up in Oregon nicknamed

How to stop a bloody nose
How to stop a bloody nose

Annabelle “the little genius” because the reason and logic she throws at him makes him feel “stupid”, as he puts it.  Darius won’t hesitate to grab a wrench and help fix your car.  When Linnea was about one years old Justin told her to change her shirt and tossed a t-shirt to her.  She caught the shirt and immediately started cleaning the floor Haha. We see people cringe when they see our kids do something because they think they are incapable and will fail.  What people don’t realize is we teach our kids everyday and train them well.

A few years ago Justin and I decided to completely change our lifestyle for the better of our family.  We did not want the day cares and public school systems raising our children for us.  Best decision we ever made and could not be more proud of our children.



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