Study… Study… Study… Oh how I miss the work!

A little background info: I have been a student (online of course) at HIU for almost four years to receive a Bachelor’s in Christian Ministry.  Due to the fact that I really do not want to become a pastor, but I do want the biblical knowledge my wonderful husband, Justin, convinced me to switch schools. My husband found an awesome university online for a Bachelor’s in Biblical and Theological Studies. Right up my ally! It was a heck of a time transferring school’s because of HIU being uncooperative, but I am happy to say I transferred over to Regent University.

Newsflash for any students don’t transfer in the middle of a semester! Upon registering with Regent, and already having with drawled from HIU, I had to take two classes at one time because I was a mid semester transfer student! For anyone who does not know an online adult course is condensed to make it more feasible for working adults with families. Therefore, you put all your time (about 15-20 hrs a week) into one condensed class. Now I have two classes and looking at about 35 hrs a week just in study time.

I am absolutely loving my switch in studies, but oh how I miss working on the boat 😦 While I am studying all day I can hear my husband working on the Cheoy Lee and helping our children.

Husband diligently working without me
Husband diligently working without me

I cannot wait to get back down to one class (in several weeks) and get back to work on the boat. I love working with my husband and working on our boats together. A good balance of study and work is key 🙂



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