Why Now?

Right now, it’s just after midnight and I might not be in the best state of mind to be making posts on our blog but what the hell. This is what it is. And you know what? Our life completely rocks. We are cruisers that don’t cruise. If you know anything about the life of those that live on sailboats, you’d know what I’m talking about. We are “those that live on the docks” right now. We won’t always be and we have’t been for long at this point. Usually, my wife and I are foragers, a Mother, an Army Ranger , a Student, Survivors the both of us, hard workers, pioneers in the sense that we have tamed untouched wilderness, teachers of our many children, sailors, swimmers, hunters, fishers of men, and many other things. Our life, over the last couple of years, has gone from drone worker bee that does what they need to do to make ends meet to consummate adventurer that does whatever the hell we feel that God has led us to do.

God? Yes, God has lead us to the awesome life that we have today. Not religion. No, religion has killed nearly as many people as Stalin and Hitler if not more. Religion is for people that want to go home on Sunday afternoon and feel like they are saved for eternity. It’s for those that need to shape other believers into what they think those believers should be. It’s for the people that look at the down trodden and say to themselves, “I best stay clear of those people. They look like crack heads.” Religion is for the Pharisees, the ones that want to take your money, hold you to their laws, and force their viewpoints upon you. God is all any of us really need and he will set you free. He’ll send you where he needs you and although you might not always like the message, you’re always better off if you listen.

So this is Mr. J, late at night, blabbering about what I think is important at this moment in my life, reaching out to the one, maybe two people that will ever read this post. This is the truth of things to me at this very moment. No one really cares and you know what? I’m fine with that.




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