Episode 29 – Where the Magic Happens

Finally! We have a run of good weather, meet up with Captain Leasure for vegan burgers on his most epic Westsail 32 Tortuga, watch a new tall ship (Matthew Turner) get “splashed”, introduce you to more of the kids, and you get to see where J gets it when his mommy makes her Youtube debut.

Episode 27 – Is That Sea Lion THREATENING ME?

We endure more of the never-ending crappy weather before a fast and fun across the Bay to Travis Marina for one night. There, Justin has his closest encounter yet with a Sea Lion that decided to use our dock line as a pillow when it was time for us to untie the lines.

Episode 26 – Hiking the Hidden Staircase

After returning from the Farallones, we enjoy feelings of success from a good trip, but also feel failure from our inability to sail Rad Mode further. We address some boat work issues and swap out our brand new failing alternator for the old one before finally seeing some long awaited signs of spring on our…

Episode 23 – Work and Play in the Hot Delta Breeze

Continuing where Episode 22 left off, we continue rushing to get Rad Mode finished, but not without enjoying the beautiful Sacramento Delta summer and getting our sailing on with the crew of SV Plan B. Thanks for watching another flash back! We hope you enjoyed it. In our next episode, we move forward again to…

Episode 23- Behind the Scenes

The count down continues and the work on Rad Mode is not delayed. Seriously the old saying of, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, is so true! In a means to keep morale high and the fact that life just happens we try to make the best of it… or should…

Episode 22- Behind the Scenes (Pics)

Ever make a deal with someone and then they don’t keep their end of the bargain? Furthermore, have you ever invested thousands of dollars, your lively hood, home, and so forth to have that deal broken and essentially putting you out on the street??? Let me tell you a little bit of what was going…

Episode 21- Behind the Scenes (Pics)

Hey guys, as we all know there is A LOT more that happens that never gets caught on film… and sometimes you just have to be there 🙂 Since the previous owner passed away we had no way to know how long it was since Rad Mode had been hauled out and had the bottom…

Episode 22 – Good Times, Bad Times

We leave Ladd’s marina only to continue dealing with some issues that we didn’t solve on the hard. The familiar sights, sounds and smell of the Delta brought back memories of our last days finishing Rad Mode.

Episode 21 – Rad Mode’s New Bottom

We finish filling and fairing all of our hull blisters, I play a great joke on the kids, get the prop tuned up with some muriatic acid, and finish up numerous other things on Rad Mode before leaving Ladd’s Marina to head back down river.